Whenever buying, owning & developing, or selling a company, 2thePoint expects its clients to benefit substantially from our work and contributions, in particular:

By making sure that clients avoid bad investments, overpaying, or having insufficient influence

By alerting them to promising investment opportunities

By formulating innovative ideas for increasing the performance and value of their companies

By signaling the “right time” to dispose of a matured investment

By arranging that companies operate with optimized balance sheets and with sound financing structures.

By providing rapid services that combine strategy + finance + M&A into a well-reasoned recommendation for action – under conditions of stringent confidentiality

By structuring and performing transactions with (i) proven above-average likelihood of closing, and (ii) demonstrated ability to achieve premium terms and conditions

By providing “one-stop shopping” services across a platform of closely-related top-rank professionals in banking, legal, tax, and fiduciary services

By getting things done, by focusing on what really matters, by getting quickly to the point