2thePoint firmly believes that:

  1. There are strong underlying structural changes in the world of finance that will eventually force all companies – large and small, public and private, old and new, in Europe and elsewhere, and in all industries – to review both (i) the size of their balance sheets, and (ii) the financing structures supporting these assets.

  2. These structural changes will play a crucial role in separating winners from losers over the coming years.

  3. Early movers will have a major, increasing and cumulative advantage over all competitors unwilling or unable to adapt.

  4. Winners will tend to be those who successfully manage to make several major adjustments at the same time - see box at left.

2thePoint is very well prepared to assist you in tackling all of these aspects in your agenda, and we look forward to:


presenting you with the detailed analysis on which this vision is based

- discussing the possible impact of these structural changes on your business

- formulating and reviewing your options for remaining or becoming a winner